Strata Corporations and Property Managers

We have a long, successful track record working with strata corporations and property managers of commercial buildings.

Some of the core values we pride ourselves on include maintaining good communication, working efficiently, and great teamwork – all to the client’s benefit. Our gardening crew is made up of skilled, experienced staff to ensure we offer all our clients the expertise they expect and deserve.

On any given day, you’ll find us working collaboratively with members of a strata council’s gardening committee to provide them with the landscaping look they desire based on the allotted budget or maintaining a commercial property to ensure it projects a professional, well-manicured image that our clients expect.

We are usually the first choice of strata complexes and commercial properties because of the high level of communication, efficiency, and problem-solving our expert staff provides. Thus, we tend to keep gardening contracts for many years and develop long-term friendships with our regular customers.