Garden Consults

We LOVE to talk gardens!

We offer a collaborative approach to our garden consults. Whether you would like to brainstorm together on a new garden design or energise an existing one, we can help! Sometimes you already know what you want but don’t know how to get there. We will help dig down and come up with solutions that meet your vision, and the lay of the land, as well as offer alternative suggestions.  Our garden consultations factors in a budget, wish lists, amount of sunshine, proximity to buildings, irrigation, type of soil, plant placement and growth habits which are crucial to a beautiful and easily maintained garden.

Are you planning a special event, perhaps a wedding or an anniversary celebration? We are here to transform your existing garden from moderate to spectacular and everything in between.

There may be an area requiring a bit of TLC, different plantings that are more suitable to that particular soil and light conditions or an overgrown hedge impeding on other plants within your garden. Whatever the issue we have extensive experience in transforming garden landscapes that meet your events needs with the WOW factor that your celebration deserves.

At Brentwood Grounds Maintenance, we take pride in working with our clients as an integral part of the consult and believe the most important factor in consulting is to listen with an open mind.

If you need support at council meetings to bring your ideas to the table, we are happy to do so. Give us a call if you need assistance in solving a garden problem.  We offer innovative solutions